TDC events Transform your ideas into great events.

Who We Are?

We are a multinational company leader in the organization of trade shows, congress and corporate events of world scope and Latin-American projection.  With offices in Miami (FL), San Francisco (CA) and Bogota (Colombia).

Our company has been organizing corporate and trade shows events since 1995 in the different industries with big success in Latin America and the world. Our experience, hard work and dedication always translates to successful events.

We are an integral partner for companies as yours, since we allow you to focus on your core business, while we dedicate our time to ours. We recognize the effectiveness of enabling human relations to achieve strategic goals.

Experience, competence, passion and compromise are the features that allow us to master the principal stages of creating and developing successful events:
// Planning // Management // Supervision // Follow up //

Our job is to listen and understand your needs, goals and expectations, then create marketing programs that are unique and customized to develop corporate meetings and events, trade shows and marketing services that meet your strategic objectives.

Our goal is to help your ideas be transform into the events that you want and need. You can be sure that our staff will dedicate them selves to surpass your expectations in every possible way.

What We can Do for your company?

  •  External Events and Relations:

    We design strategies to maximize your spending in events for clients, suppliers and targeted groups of people.

    Our goal is to stimulate human feelings and senses creating specific environments for specific needs or objectives.

    We help you build a brand identity in a specialized environment through Promotional campaign Events.

    We improve your brand’s performance and market position through product launch events.

    We create value-relationship with your clients through networking events.

    We consolidate relation with your suppliers through networking and training events.

     In house events and Relations:

    We help you strengthen work relations between clients, employees, managers and other members of the company and the industry.

    We inspire the members of your company to be more productive and happier through in-house Campaigns Events (conferences, outdoors activities, meetings).

    We can help you promote value-relationships within the employees of your company through Social Events (holidays, galas, award deliveries).

    We stimulate access to personal and professional knowledge through in-house Education and Training Events (courses, workshops and seminars).

    We create academic atmospheres to improve knowledge and understanding of specific subjects.